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Processing Projects

Processing Screensaver

This tool allows you to turn your Processing program into a Windows or Linux screensaver. This was made with the SaverBeans SDK.

Tool webpage

More information and instructions about Processing Screensavers.

NXTComm Library

This library allows you read control the Lego Mindstorms NXT robots.

Library webpage

More information on the NXTComm Processing library webpage


This is just a demo for the Wiimote 3D object. The 3D model is in OBJ format and was converted from the 3D Studio Max 8 object from WiiNintendo.


DynamicBrush experience. The brush is made by particles connected to the mouse, using the traer.physics system.

ID3 Library

This library allows you read the ID3v1.1 tags from MP3 files.


  1. Dowload zip (jar + javadoc)
  2. Unzip
  3. Put in processing/libraries/
  4. Use it!
More information on the ID3 Processing library webpage


Pixels in an image are represented as particles with the traer.physics system. When you left-click the image the particles are attracted to form a shape made by a string written in the screen.

Particle String Screenshot


Displays an image as a set of 3D lines. Each line corresponds to a pixel in the image and its size depends on the color of the pixel. (Heavily) Based on an example from the Processing site.
Face 3D Screenshot

Seven Segment Display Physical Clock

Displays a count down sequence and a clock. The seven segment displays are modelled with the TRAER.PHYSICS Processing Library.

Seven Segment Display Physical Clock Screenshot