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The ID3 Processing library allows you read the ID3v1.1 tags from MP3 files. If you want to know more about ID3 tags check the page.


import jorgecardoso.processing.id3.*;

void setup() {
ID3 id3 = new ID3(this);


println("Song: " + id3.songTitle);
println("Artist: " + id3.artist);
println("Album: " + id3.album);
println("Comment: " + id3.comment);
println("Year: " + id3.year);
println("Track:" + id3.track);
println("Genre: " + id3.genre);

Download and Install

Just download the file and unpack it to the "libraries" folder of your Processing installation folder. Your "libraries" folder should look something like this:

-- (other libraries)
-- ID3
-- library
-- ID3.jar
-- javadoc


This is almost unnecessary, but here are the javadocs of the ID3 library anyway :)

You can also take a look at the source code (it's only one java file).

Contact (bug reports, comments, etc)

If you use this library in a project, drop me a line. I like to know this stuff, and I'll link to your project's website. Also if you find a bug or need help, let me know.

Jorge Cardoso
jorgecardoso at [ieee] [org]

Last updated:January 31, 2011