Eye Tribe for Processing

A library by Jorge C. S. Cardoso for the Processing programming environment.
Last update, 05/11/2016.

A library to get eye gaze data from the Eye Tribe (https://theeyetribe.com/) device.

A Processing library to interface with the Eye Tribe gaze tracker device.
The library currently provides functions to get the gaze point, the eye coordinates, and to allow calibrating the device within the Processing sketch.


Download Eye Tribe for Processing version 0.1.2 (3) in .zip format.


Unzip and put the extracted EyeTribeProcessing folder into the libraries folder of your Processing sketches. Reference and examples are included in the EyeTribeProcessing folder.

Projects using Eye Tribe for Processing

Eye Conductor by Andreas Refsgaard

"Eye Conductor is a musical interface that allows people with physical disabilities to play music through eye movements and facial gestures. Using a $99 eye tracker and a regular webcam, Eye Conductor detects the gaze and selected facial movements, thereby enabling people to play any instrument, build beats, sequence melodies or trigger musical effects. The system is open, designed for inclusion and can be customised to fit the physical abilities of whoever is using it." -- http://andreasrefsgaard.dk/project/eye-conductor/

Keywords. TheEyeTribe, Gaze Tracking, Eye Tracking

Reference. Have a look at the javadoc reference here. A copy of the reference is included in the .zip as well.

Source. The source code of Eye Tribe for Processing is available at GitHub, and its repository can be browsed here.


Find a list of examples in the current distribution of Eye Tribe for Processing, or have a look at them by following the links below.


Platform osx,
Processing 3.0
Dependencies ?