Computational graphic design tool (2012)

SixLayers is a design tool (built with Processing) created to help generate the graphical image for the School of Art's new Digital Design course.

SixLayers transforms 2d images into 3d objects composed of six layers. A layer is defined by the brightness of the pixels, and the tools allows you to control several parameters of the final rendering:

It also allows you to animate these parameters using keyframe based animation. You can export the animation as a series of frames, or as a video. You can also export individual screenshots in high-resolution.

Here's an example of the usage of the tool:

For the website of the course, we have created various animations. Here's one:

Technical info

Built with Processing, using ControlP5 GUI library.


Concept: Jorge Cardoso, Luis Sarmento, Carla Almeida

Programming: Jorge Cardoso