Reactable and Kinect installations at Qualifica 2013

The School of Arts was asked to develop some multimedia installations for the Catholic University, Porto stands for the Qualifica 2013 fair. We developed two installations: one was a typical Kinect body interaction installation and the other was an information kiosk that used the Reactable Live hardware.

Kinect Installation

The Kinect installation was based on the Kinect tutorial by Amnon Owed, but I turned it into a visual and sonorous installation by allowing people to interact with the geometric shapes to produce sound (thanks to Vasco Carvalho for the sounds). To visually adapt the installation to the Catholic University stand, the colors used were the taken from the visual identity colours of the various faculties. Only one colour is “active” at a time, allowing people to interact with the geometric shapes that have that colour to block their movement and to produce sound:

Reactable Installation

The Reactable installation was meant to work as an information kiosk for the various faculties. Each faculty has an object associated with it, and in order to see the faculty’s information you just have to place the object on top of the table and rotate it:


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