Face projection mapping for Festival IN

The School of Arts was present at the Festival IN in Lisbon, last week. Besides having a regular stand, our school participated with various interactive projects. One of those projects was a giant projection made from the faces of the visitors.

The installation

The installation has two main points: one in which a computer detects and takes a screenshot of your face (and creates a depth map), and another where the recorded faces are projected onto a giant sculpture. Figure 1 shows one early sketch depicting the general interaction process.

General interaction process sketch

Figure 1. General interaction process.

We wanted to project, not just a photo of the person, but rather some representations of the face, including a 3D model, a Voronoi representation, and some simple blurred images. In Figure 2, you can see a photo of how the final setup of installed at Festival IN, including one of the representations that appear on the large scale projection - a 3D model of the captured face.

Photo of final installation.

Figure 2. Photo of final installation.


Interaction with this installation is pretty simple since you only need to stand in front of the kiosk. Figure 3 shows a first sketch of the details for the interaction.

Interaction process detail.

Figure 3. Interaction process detail.

The system only takes a screenshot of your face if you get at a certain distance from the kiosk. This ensures that people are not caught off-guard, and it also allowed us to get better framed face pictures. The final system included an extra cue to help users get at the current distance to the kiosk. This is shown in Figure 4.

Distance cue.

Figure 4. Distance cue (distance value was not present in the final version).


The installation uses a Kinect for getting and RGB image as well as the depth data that is used to create the 3D model of the face. It is also used to determine the distance at which a person is standing in front of the kiosk. It is all done in Processing using toxiclibs for the 3D models and Voronoi generation.

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