Tangible Interfaces Projects - 2014

This is a selection of the best projects made by the students of the Tangible Interfaces Design course of the Sound and Image master program (Sound specialization). http://artes.porto.ucp.pt/pt/central-oferta-formativa/mestrado-em-som-e-imagem

Pinheiro 2.0

Developed by Tiago Tobias Fernandes, Pinheiro 2.0 is an audiovisual interactive installation. Its main purpose is to show the “Pinheiro” event: an event that is part of the Festas Nicolinas of the city of Guimarães. The installation reproduces the “Toques Nicolinos” - percusive rithms that are characteristic of the event played with bombos and caixas. The installation uses the KarmetiK NotomotoN robot to play the instruments.


Developed by Rita Gradim, Cubesic (cube + music) is a tangible interface for a music player. It allows the definition of playlists based on the pattern of a Rubik’s cube. Each color is mapped to a music genre, and each position is mapped to a decade. The system connects to iTunes to play the defined pattern. The system was implemented using computer vision techniques in Max/Jitter to recognize the color pattern on the Rubik’s cube and translate those colors into iTunes commands via applescript.

Reactable Composer

Developed by Luís Wood Faulhaber, the Reactable Composer is a tangible interface that allows simple composition of musical notes and chords by arranging physical objects on a table. The system uses the Reactable core hardware and reacTIVision.


Developed by Henrique Correia e Silva, HandyDrum is an button interface for playing the drums, using the KarmetiK NotomotoN robot.

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